Policies and Procedures

Student Admission and Enrolment Policy

To ensure that we provide timely, accurate and up-to-date information, advice and support to assist you to choose a programme that best suits your needs we have a robust policy in place.

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  • For information on how to apply for your studies. Click here.

Click here to view our student admission and enrolment policy.

Assessments and Moderation

Students must meet the assessment requirements as set out in the programme handbook. The requirements are available in Canvas prior to assessment and evaluation.

Please note your assessments may be used for moderation purposes.

View our assessments and moderation policy here.


Students must not copy or paraphrase someone else’s work either published or un-published, without clearly acknowledging it through citing

and referencing. Paraphrasing without appropriate acknowledge will be deemed to be plagiarism. This is Academic Misconduct and will

be treated as serious and is subject to our disciplinary procedures.

Students are provided with a plagiarism tool in Canvas, which can be used before they submit their assessments.

Reconsideration of Assessment/Appeals

Students have the right to a reconsideration of assessment if they believe an assessment has been incorrectly marked or graded. This request

must be sent to the tutor or Programme Coordinator within five (5) working days of the return of the assessment. As a result of this request, their result may be unchanged, raised or lowered. The reconsidered result will be recorded as the final result. Students will retain the right to appeal this result in accordance with Assessment policy.

Resubmission of Assessment

If a student is required to resubmit an assessment, the resubmission must be submitted by the date stated by the tutor. The resubmission must address the missing or incomplete criteria. The tutor will re-mark the assessment and the student will get a notification when the marking is complete. Students can email at any time the relevant tutor if there are any queries. Students are entitled to a maximum of two resubmissions in an assessment. Please refer to the Rules and Policies page in Student Resources/Canvas for further detail.

Extension/Late Submissions

Students have the right to request an extension where circumstances arise that will prevent them from submitting an assessment by the due date. The extension must be requested before the assessment due date. Students may request an extension for 7 days or 14 days. The online

extension form can be found on the Student Resources page under Forms. All students are allowed a 7 day grace period with late submissions. Students who submit after the 7-day grace period will be given a Not Achieved Grade (NA). All students who submit late within the 7 day period will be given a grade penalty so other students are not disadvantaged.

Student Progress and Feedback

Student progress is continually monitored by your tutors through online participation, assessments and contact with you. If at any time,

you need to discuss your progress in more detail or gain a better understanding of how you can improve or progress further please ensure you

ask your tutor via Canvas for a feedback session.

Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity means being honest in all academic work. We expect that all students and staff will act with academic integrity. We want our programmes of study and qualifications to be respected and valued, and to be sure that all those who gain a qualification with us have personally reached the standards expected of that qualification.

Academic Misconduct

Academic Misconduct includes dishonest behaviour in assessment. This can include copying, misrepresentation of identity in assessment, cheating and plagiarism and all other dishonest practices in assessment. Any instance of Academic Misconduct will be treated as serious and is subject to our disciplinary procedures.

Authenticity of Students Work

All student work submitted for assessment must be authentic and created by the student. Where students are suspected of academic misconduct the following processes will be followed:

• The tutor will assess the level/amount of suspected academic misconduct, prepare evidence and discuss with relevant Programme Coordinator.

• Where the intention of the student is considered clearly innocent, the work will be assessed as is.

• If appropriate, advice on academic integrity may be given by the tutor to the student.

Where doubt persists, a meeting is to be arranged with the student, student support person, relevant tutor and Programme Coordinator to present the allegation, evidence and to provide the student with an opportunity to discuss this. Where the Programme Coordinator and tutor are one and the same, another Manager within the relevant division or wider Aspire2 group may be asked to participate.

Where academic misconduct is established and acknowledged by the student, the student may be instructed to resubmit the assessment if allowed by the Programme Coordinator.

Other actions can include awarding a reduced grade or awarding a failing mark/grade. A note is made on the student’s file.

Where the assessment misconduct is serious or has not been acknowledged by the student, the relevant Programme Delivery Manager or Programme Coordinator must discuss the situation with Academic Director. This discussion will lead to a decision to either deal with the issue in the College or initiate the student discipline process. More information can be found in the Student Resources section in Canvas.


All successful graduates will be issued the relevant NZQA accredited certificate for their programme.

Programme Feedback

You will be asked at times, during and after your programme of study to provide us with some feedback. This helps to tell us how effective the course is, and provides us with information to improve our service and programmes.

If at any time you are unhappy with your experience, please let your tutor know so they have an opportunity to address your concerns.

The complaints process provides guidelines for you to follow should the issue not be resolved.

Student Focus Groups

Aspire2 Business Management Programmes (BMP) is committed to improving our programmes and service to our students. The student focus groups promote communication and consultation between students and BMP. It enables constructive feedback to be gathered from students on the quality of learning experiences and staff performance. The purpose of this group is to strengthen BMP and student relationships; provide feedback, and act as a critical sounding board to assist in the development of new ideas and initiatives to support quality teaching.

Twice per year in May and October a random selection of students will be sent surveys in May and October. The survey questions will focus on students expectations, learning check-ins, tutorials, assessment, content etc.

Harassment Bullying and Discrimination

Harassment is behaviour that is unacceptable to us and includes but is not limited to any form of discrimination, sexual, or racial harassment, bullying or personal harassment. Verbal, online, or physical harassment is also considered harassment.

Should you feel the victim of any form of harassment or witness this in any way please inform a member of staff immediately. Our feedback and complaints, and disciplinary procedures outline how to go about this and what outcomes will be considered.

View our complete harassment, bullying and discrimination policy here.

Privacy and Confidentiality of Information

We are committed to protecting your privacy. Our collection, use and disclosure of personal information is governed by the Privacy Act 2020.

The purposes for which we gather and use personal information are set out in the enrolment form.

Disciplinary Procedures

Should a complaint be received about you or you lodge a complaint the process will involve an investigative phase where the incident/s is discussed and next steps are determined.

A further meeting to discuss the outcome and consequences will then be held. There will be an opportunity to appeal any decision made after this meeting.

Serious breaches of the Code of Conduct could result in instant dismissal from your studies. Any situations involving assault, abuse, harassment or harm of another person (physically or emotionally) are considered serious.