Why Choose BMP?

Advantages of Studying with BMP

  • Study from home
  • Do your study around employment, family and lifestyle commitments
  • Full-time and part-time options available
  • Study online through Canvas, allowing you to network with students from around the country
  • Staff are on hand to answer any queries via email Monday to Friday
  • BMP provides a freephone 0508 number for easy access to support services.

What we believe:

Everyone Matters
  • Learning is student and client focused individual capabilities and goals are recognised
  • Diversity is celebrated
  • Fairness is fundamental
Aiming High
  • Boundaries and assumptions are challenged
  • Students, clients and teachers are unafraid to try – mistakes are accepted
  • Everyone takes responsibility for creating a safe, secure and collaborative learning environment
  • Excellence is the objective
  • Innovation is celebrated
  • Reviews are regular and change is welcomed and rapidly adopted

Continual Improvement

The business sector is one that is undergoing fast growth and development. BMP recognises the need for ongoing professional development and learning. Having a Learning and Development Team means we can invest the time and resources required to synthesise new understandings and incorporate them into our programmes.  As such, the culture at BMP is one of continual improvement in programme content and delivery.

BMP has well-established review processes in place which includes feedback from industry. We recognise the value of student feedback and regularly gather and review this to identify areas where improvements can be made. This is then incorporated into our review process and actioned. That is our commitment to your learning.