Brain training with barbell

There is all this focus on keeping our bodies young, fit and healthy, but why not our minds? Have you ever heard of Brain Training? Many people have benefited by completing exercises targeted at our brains. But there are a few things you should know before you buy and implement any Brain Training apps to ensure you get the best results.

Brain Training is a series of regular exercises designed to maintain or improve cognitive function. Some studies on this show it is a great way to improve concentration, self-confidence, memory, the capacity to learn and slow down the cognitive effects of aging. However, some studies show Brain-training and brain training apps, such as Lumosity or Elevate have no such benefits.

Attempting to train your Brain and whether it works is extremely controversial, however, what scientists can agree on, is a series of behaviours can aid you in maintaining brain function. Behaviours such as physical exercise which aids in bringing oxygen-rich blood to the brain, new nerve cells and brain connections. Secondly, a healthy diet – a healthy diet takes into consideration cholesterol, blood sugar and alcohol, medication and tobacco use. Those who consume a balanced and healthy diet are less likely to develop cognitive impairment. Thirdly, care for your emotions, make sure you manage your stress levels, sleep, blood pressure. These do not increase your chance of cognitive decline but can result in poor results on cognitive function tests. Something you may not have considered is building social connections, strong social ties decrease your chance of dementia.

Two more obvious tips to brain health that many people don’t consider are, protect your head, concussions and head injuries increase your risk of cognitive impairment. Lastly, and most importantly mental stimulation! Learn a new skill, take a course, challenge yourself! Stimulating activities help maintain individual brain cells.

Brain Training on its own may not be effective in ensuring brain health, fortunately, making a couple of lifestyle changes can!

This article was written by Journee Schiphorst – Tutor

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