“Resilience” is the next evolutionary phase of business continuity. What actually is resilience and how does it differ from other approaches and perspectives we use within a business to respond to what’s occurring?

What is Resilience?

Resilience helps businesses embed continuity and create individual and workplace preparedness initiatives for a stronger response to any significant change or threat.

Resilience builds upon the concepts of awareness, creating pre-emptive strategies and plans for recovery by focusing on how businesses can maintain their usual operations in the face of unexpected disasters. Resilience focuses not just on how to get back to business after something goes wrong, but on how businesses can position themselves to protect their brand equity, their resources, and their staff from threats in the first place.

Recognising that businesses operate in an environment of continuous change resilience focuses on how to best preserve value in a complex and ever- changing environment.

The pressing demands of the global economy and crises such as Covid 19 have changed the outlook for many businesses.

Nowadays, businesses need to get up and running as quickly after a disaster as possible or they risk suffering business or reputation losses. Crisis management the resilience of staff and processes and business continuity are critical after a major change or disaster.

How do we make our staff more resilient?

Key to a resilient business is resilient staff.

By determining with staff what resilience is and when it is required it is easy to establish strategies for creating personal and workplace resilience.

Attitudes to situations, belief systems and emotional reactions all need to be evaluated to determine their role in being resilient and ability to cope.

Solution and action orientated processes need to be installed and embedded to cope with uncertain times and create mindful ways of working positively through times adverse or difficult times.

By reducing procrastination and angst an individual and workplace can develop new patterns around creativeness, joy and fun at work at work broadening the individuals perspective and enhancing workplace flexibility and adaptability.

A little time spent on developing resilience in the workplace not only can counter adverse situations, it can grow productivity and stimulate business sustainability and longevity.


This article was written by Tony Boyce – General Manager