Jasmine Frisone
Certificate in Small Business (Level 4)

There’s nothing like a redundancy to inspire action. When Jasmine Frisone lost her job, it was the impetus she needed to fast-track her career plans. Now, thanks to BMP, she’s on the verge of launching her very own art business.

What motivated you to gain your Certificate in Small Business?

It’s always been a big goal of mine to own my own business and work for myself. I want to have something that’s my own, something that I’ve built from the ground up – something  I can be proud of. After being made redundant from my job in customer service I became a stay-at-home mum – but I quickly realised I needed to do something for myself alongside motherhood. I was in limbo until I heard about BMP and realised it was the perfect place to help me gain a qualification and develop the building blocks to start my own venture.  The time had come to start studying and focus on achieving my goal!

What did you enjoy about distance learning?

The course was great! I was blown away by how flexible it was, being able to study in my own time, at any hour of the day was definitely one of the biggest highlights. I could log in when it suited me, allowing me to focus on my daughter during the day and study in the evenings. I went into the course thinking studying from home would be quite difficult and lonely but it was actually really good and the level of support was amazing.

Were there any challenges?

Juggling being a full time mum with study definitely had its challenges – it was a hard balance to get used to but worth it in the end.  Having no set class times or specific sessions was also a big struggle at first as I didn’t set specific times each day for my studies. I often ended  up cramming things in and stressing, but after completing my first assignment I realised I needed to set a schedule and stick to it. Once I did that and properly organised my study routine, it became a lot easier and I really started enjoying it.

Any advice for those who might be thinking of following your footsteps?

DO IT! If you’ve been contemplating studying for a while, take the plunge and enrol. BMP is really an amazing place to study and their support system is great. Everyone I’ve ever spoken to has been so friendly and helpful. I’m really glad I stopped putting it off and just went for it.

You’ve recently completed your certificate. What are you doing now?

I’m focusing a lot on getting my business up and running this year. Currently I’m working through building an art portfolio so I can get a good idea of the type of art I want to build my business around. I’m creating digital art pieces so I can then form digital prints and other items to sell. I can’t wait to share my passion for art with others! I’ve also been focusing on completing my checklist of things to do to start my business which has been keeping me super busy. On top of that, I’ve decided to expand my knowledge further by studying again so I’m going to be completing my Business Diploma through BMP this year which I’m excited about.

How do you think BMP is helping you achieve your goals?

BMP has helped open my eyes to what is necessary when starting a small business and has taught me how to make sure my business will be successful.  Although I knew about some of the stuff, there was a lot – especially around the legal side of things – that was all new to me. The course was really informative – it’s a great way to ensure your new business gets the best possible start.