Royal Tipa

Introduction to Team Leadership (Level 3) Graduate
First Line Management (Level 4) Current

Royal already had a great job with Freshmax but one thing was missing – qualifications to back up his experience. Studying long distance through BMP has enabled the busy father of two to upskill while working, fast-tracking his career and supercharging his skill set.

Why did you choose to study at BMP?

I decided to study because I do not have any evidence (besides my results within my business) that I am capable to fulfil my role and that I can do what I say I can do. I work on average of 50 hours a week and am a father of two, so distance learning was the ideal choice. BMP gives me the freedom to study off campus, the student support services are excellent and the support from tutors is outstanding.

What have been some of the highlights of your studies?

I’m a first time distance learner and I’m finding the courses to be awesome. I have completed my Level 3 and am now working towards my Level 4. I can study at my own pace and help is only an email away. Studying has not interfered with my work or home life, the tutors are knowledgeable, and they do not grade assessments lightly. I am really enjoying studying under them.

I have particularly enjoyed the fact that a lot of the assessments have been based on real-life past experiences for me. They are relatable and relevant to my current role as a shift manager and team leader for Freshmax NZ.

There’s plenty of support from students and tutors, mostly through email, and I’ve found the Canvas app very useful as it lets me check my progress regularly with notifications and pop-ups of assignments due and other important notices.

What’s the most valuable thing you’ve learnt so far?

My leadership style. I’ve discovered which of my attributes are strong, and which areas I need to strengthen to become a better all-round leader.

How does what you have learnt help you at work?

I have learnt an array of different transferable skills. I now have the skills to conduct more workplace group and one-on-one training sessions, and I regularly hold SMART goal setting meetings with my teams to improve efficiency and build cohesion. Rather than me just telling my teams what is required, I now interact more with them, and give them more of an opportunity to be part of the planning, development and implementation of goals and outcomes. This is much more effective. I am also passing on the little tips and tricks I’ve learnt to help them develop professionally and progress within our business.

Where to from here?

I want to attain the highest possible qualification so after I complete Level 4, I’ll be onto Level 5!

My long term goal?

To be the best me I can be.