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Graduate Story | Janis Anderson

NZ Diploma in Business (Leadership and Management) – Level 5

I graduated with a NZ Diploma in Business Level 5, Leadership and Management in 2022 from Aspire2. I am a full-time worker, and I was looking for a way to learn new skills without having to commit to a fulltime degree. I decided to study online with Aspire2 Business Management Programmes because it was fees free and offered a flexible timetable.

The admin team was very helpful during my application providing clear instructions on how to get set up and navigate the student portal. I had a bit of difficulty at first, getting used to using all the technology. But I was able to get the hang of it quickly.

My experience with my tutors was excellent. Any questions I had about assessments were swiftly answered, and I always felt supported and guided. I can’t say enough about how great they were. The flexibility of the course was fantastic. I could study whenever I had time, and I didn’t feel restricted at all. If there was ever a clash in deadlines, Aspire2 was willing to work around my availability.

I found the content very interesting, and I really enjoyed learning about it. I was surprised at how
applicable everything I learned was to my work and life in general.

I am very proud of my achievement in completing the course. I had been thinking about studying
for years, but I had always talked myself out of it. Completing the course has done wonders for my confidence, and it has inspired me to continue learning and developing my skillset.

I would definitely recommend studying with Aspire2 Business Management Programmes. The tutors are helpful, the content is interesting, and the flexibility of the course is amazing. I believe that anyone, no matter their age or experience, would benefit from studying with Aspire2.