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Graduate Story | Aaron Bailey

NZ Diploma in Business ( Leadership and Management) – Level 5

My journey with Aspire2 and the NZ Diploma in Business Level 5, Leadership and Management has been truly rewarding. Graduating in 2021, I decided to study online during lockdown to improve my skill set and pursue a new career path.

Choosing Aspire2 Business Management Programmes was an easy decision, as the fees-free option and positive recommendations from friends who had gone through the program spoke highly of its quality.

My experience with my tutor was exceptional. Always approachable and open to questions, she offered the support I needed throughout my studies.

Having no set timetables and the flexibility to study online suited my fully remote role, which also
required frequent travel. Whenever I had time to settle back at home, I could easily catch up on my studies and make progress.

I was pleasantly surprised by how many new skills I learned and successfully applied to my work. The course provided a better understanding of how to approach situations and collaborate within a team, proving to be highly applicable to both my personal and professional life.

Completing my studies right through to graduation has given me a great sense of accomplishment and boosted my confidence in my role.

Without hesitation, I would recommend this program to anyone seeking study opportunities. I’ve
suggested it to friends and colleagues, emphasising its flexibility and accessibility, which perfectly suited my lifestyle.

The flexibility allowed me to seamlessly incorporate my studies into my busy life, and I’ve been able to apply the knowledge gained to my professional development, enhancing my career prospects. Aspire2 has been the perfect platform for me to grow and succeed, and I am eager to see what opportunities the future brings for me.