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Graduate Story | Stewart Macgregor

NZ Diploma in Business Leadership and Management – Level 5



I graduated with a NZ Diploma in Business Level 5, Leadership and Management from Aspire2. I
completed this program in 2020, and it has been an incredible journey.

I decided to study online because I was interested in the convenience of being able to study at my own
pace and from anywhere. I had also studied traditionally before, so I wanted to try a different format.
Aspire2 stood out to me because it was free, online, and offered a fast-track option to get qualified. The
application process was easy, and I was able to get started right away.

My tutor was great. They were quick to respond to my questions and feedback, and they were always
helpful and supportive. I really appreciated not having to physically attend a class, as this gave me the
flexibility to study whenever I wanted.

The program sparked my interest in the marketing component of the business industry, and I found that
the communication component of the course was highly applicable to interactions at work and in life in
general. I also really enjoyed the SWOT analysis, and I have continued using them after studying.

Completing my studies and receiving my diploma is an achievement that I am proud of. It definitely built
my confidence and filled in a lot of the knowledge gaps I had. I felt like I had the practical aspect down,
but I was lacking the theory. Upon achieving this, it propelled me further down the education track, and I
am now working on my master’s degree.

I would highly recommend the NZ Diploma in Business Level 5, Leadership and Management to anyone
who is looking to develop their business skills. The program is well-designed, the content is relevant, and
the support is excellent. I am confident that you will be successful if you choose to study with Aspire2.