Graduate Story | Genesis Tuliloa Singh

NZ Diploma in Business ( Introduction to Team Leadership) – Level 5

I graduated from Aspire 2 with a Diploma in Business Level 5, Leadership and Management. I completed the program last year and from start to finish it was an enjoyable and transformative journey.

The decision to study online was driven by the need for flexibility, especially during lockdowns. I wanted an option that allowed me to study from home, and Aspire2 offered just that. Choosing Aspire2 Business Management Programmes was an easy decision for me. I had previously
done commerce studies in high school, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and I wanted to further my
education in that field.

I found the initial application process to be a bit challenging as it was different to anything that I was used to, having only recently arrived in New Zealand. However, with the help of the Aspire2 staff along with my friends and family I overcame the the obstacles and got enrolled.

My experience with my tutor was exceptional. He was incredibly helpful and always went above and beyond to assist me. Whenever I had questions or needed help, he was just an email away, providing 110% support. Throughout the course, I was constantly surprised by how many new skills I acquired and could apply to my work.

Before the course, I felt overwhelmed and uncertain, but after completing it, I gained confidence in understanding New Zealand’s business culture and operations. I am extremely proud of my achievement in completing the diploma. I brought it into work to show my employers that I am dedicated to self-improvement and ready to perform efficiently in my role.

I would highly recommend this program to others looking for study opportunities, I have already
encouraged my colleagues to consider Aspire 2 to further enhance their own skillsets in the workplace.

Overall, I am thankful for the opportunity to study at Aspire2 and the knowledge and confidence it has
instilled in me. It has been a valuable experience that has shaped my professional growth positively.