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Graduate Story | Gina Vaughan

NZ Certificate in Business (Small Business) – Level 4

I graduated from the NZ Certificate in Business Level 4, Small Business, in 2019. Initially, I decided to study online because my previous experience with traditional university settings left me struggling with fixed schedules.

When I came across Aspire2 Business Management Programmes, the fact that it was fees-free was a major deciding factor. The support experience during the application process was a breeze – everyone I spoke to was incredibly helpful and made the setup process easy.

At first, I was nervous about seeking help from my tutor, as I’m not one to ask for assistance easily. However, the tutors at Aspire2 were always there for me, offering quick and helpful support whenever I needed it.

One of the best parts of studying at Aspire2 was the flexibility it offered. With no set timetables, I could jump online to study whenever it suited me. This worked wonders for my productivity as I often found myself studying at the beach to relax and learn simultaneously.

Completing the program and graduating was a huge achievement for me. To add to the excitement, I started this learning journey with a friend who completed the course alongside me.

It’s been a genuinely worthwhile experience, and I can’t thank Aspire2 enough for providing such a
fantastic study opportunity. Now, I regularly go back to my notes and resources for quick refreshers, and it’s amazing how much I’ve grown professionally thanks to this journey.