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Graduate Story | James McKenzie

NZ Diploma in Business (Leadership and Management) – Level 5

I am currently studying the Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management with Aspire2 Business
Management Programmes. I chose to study online because it fitted well with my lifestyle as a full-time
worker with a family. I also wanted to increase my skill set and progress my career into management

I was initially attracted to Aspire2 because the course was fees free. Getting enrolled was easy and the
support I received while doing this was excellent. The tutors are approachable and knowledgeable, and
it was always easy to get in contact with them whenever I needed. I also appreciated the mobile app,
which made communicating with tutors easy.

I enjoy the flexibility of the course, and I can study whenever it suits me. I often study on my way to work
on the train, and I also find that being able to access the course on Saturdays is beneficial.

I have a much greater understanding of business operations in New Zealand, and I have learned how

to communicate more effectively with team members. I am also more confident in my role, and I really
enjoy working and engaging with stakeholders across the business. In general I have been surprised at
how applicable the skills I learned during my studies have been to my work and life.

I am proud of my achievements with Aspire 2. I have developed enough of my own understanding to
a point where I can help educate others around me. My professional growth has ultimately led to a pay
rise, which has further added to my feeling of accomplishment.

I would definitely recommend this programme to others looking for study opportunities. No matter your
situation, there is something for you to gain in this course. It provides a great opportunity for people to
make change in their lives and go down the leadership path equipped with the knowledge and toolset
to be effective in those roles. This qualification is a great way to gain confidence in pursuing that kind of

I am grateful for the opportunity to have studied with Aspire2. The programme has helped me to
become a more knowledgeable and effective business leader. I highly recommend this programme to
anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in business management.