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Graduate Story | Jaqueline Maharaj

NZ Diploma in Business (Leadership and Management) – Level 5


Completing the NZ Diploma in Business Level 5, Leadership and Management with Aspire2 in 2019 has
been an incredible journey of growth and personal achievement for me.

When deciding to study, I knew that online learning was the best option for me as I was working full time
and needed the flexibility to further develop my skillset. Aspire2’s Business Management Programmes
caught my attention with their informative program layout, and from my interactions with the Aspire2
staff, I felt I was in good hands. Considering my busy lifestyle, having such strong support from the start
was crucial.

Initially, I faced technical difficulties accessing the online platform, but I was amazed by the
responsiveness and flexibility of the entire Aspire2 team. They worked closely with me, troubleshooting
the issues and resolving them quickly and efficiently.

Throughout my studies, my experience with the tutors was excellent. They were always approachable
and supportive, responding promptly whenever I needed guidance or assistance.

One of the best aspects of studying with Aspire2 was the freedom of having no set timetables. This
flexibility allowed me to work on the course in the evenings when I had spare time. Additionally, being
able to access lecture recordings whenever I needed allowed me to review the resources at my own
pace. This lack of restriction empowered me to delve deeply into the course content and complete
assessments in a way that suited me best.

I was pleasantly surprised by the wealth of new skills I acquired and how seamlessly they applied to my
professional life. As a result, I confidently stepped up within my team, assuming a leadership role. Many
of the concepts and skills I learned during the course have been highly applicable to my work, even
benefiting my volunteer involvement with a local community club, where I moved into a board member

Completing my studies and graduating filled me with immense pride and confidence. The diploma not
only opened doors to management and leadership roles but also reignited my passion for learning.
Returning to study after some time has been a significant milestone in my professional development
journey. It motivated me to pursue further learning and emboldened me to venture into the hospitality
and event hire industry as an entrepreneur.

Without a doubt, I wholeheartedly recommend this program to anyone seeking study opportunities.
Don’t hesitate—sign up today! From start to finish, the value of the diploma is evident, making it an
enriching experience for individuals from all walks of life. Aspire2 has truly empowered me to achieve my
goals and realise my potential as a leader.