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Graduate Story | James Neighbours

NZ Diploma in Business (Leadership and Management) – Level 5


As an Operations Manager in my current role, I entered with extensive experience but lacked formal high-level training. Thanks to the programme offered by Aspire2 Business Management programmes and supported by government funding, I was able to gain a qualification while working.

The programme itself was brilliant, providing numerous opportunities for me to acquire valuable skills applicable to my current role. I am amazed at how learning business soft skills has transformed my day-to-day responsibilities, even down to effective time management. It was incredible to realise how much more there was for me to learn.

This was my first experience with online learning, so naturally, it was a bit of a learning curve for me. Fortunately, the tutors were wonderful. They were easily accessible, always ready to guide me along the way. Whether it was explaining referencing techniques, offering assurance that I was on the right track with the online modules, or simply discussing upcoming assignments, they provided exceptional support.

The management and leadership skills I gained from the programmes with Aspire2 Business Management have been incredibly valuable. I now possess a deeper understanding of various business practices and the underlying “why” behind them.

I strongly recommend that all organisations provide this training to their leadership. It has been immensely beneficial to have myself and several colleagues embark on the same journey, acquiring the same techniques to effectively manage our departments and lead our people.