Jo Coston Picture

Jo Coston, an Aspire2 Business Management Programmes tutor for our level 4 Small Business and Leadership courses, embodies a passion for education and a commitment to students. She approaches her role with adaptability and personalized support at the forefront.

In her interactions with students, Jo tailors her approach to suit their individual needs. Acknowledging the diverse communication styles of her students, she provides a range of support options, from regular phone calls to emergency emails. Jo firmly believes in the ethos of sharing knowledge to empower others, finding deep fulfillment in guiding students toward success through her expertise.

Inspired by her experiences as an endurance athlete, Jo incorporates the philosophy of breaking tasks into manageable parts into her teaching style. Much like in her long-distance running and cycling endeavors, she recognizes the importance of pacing oneself and confronting challenges incrementally.

Jo’s academic background includes a BSc (Hons) in Equine Science and Management from Writtle College in Essex, England, along with a Postgraduate Certificate in Outdoor Education from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Beyond her scholarly achievements, Jo leads an active lifestyle on an off-grid lifestyle block at the foot of the Pouakai Range, on the edge of Te Papakura o Taranaki. Additionally, she is a certified yoga and meditation teacher, owning a yoga studio where she actively contributes to the well-being of her local community.