Amy Reed serves as a dedicated Registrar within the Distance Learning team, focusing on enrolment management to ensure students receive accurate guidance and support throughout their educational journey. With a background in early childhood education and a passion for fostering strong relationships, Amy brings a holistic approach to her role.

In her capacity as Registrar, Amy engages closely with students, providing personalized recommendations on suitable courses based on their interests and passions. She is committed to offering transparent communication regarding enrolment timelines and expectations, ensuring students feel supported every step of the way.

Drawing from her extensive experience in the early years sector, Amy brings valuable insights into early intervention, child psychology, and inclusive teaching practices to her role. Her journey from teaching in early learning centers to transitioning to adult education reflects her unwavering commitment to personal and professional growth.

Amy’s academic qualifications, including a Bachelor’s in Teaching and Learning from the University of Canterbury, underpin her expertise in educational practices. Complemented by certificates in teacher aide, support work, disability support, and sales, Amy’s diverse skill set enriches her ability to serve students effectively.

Outside of work, Amy finds joy in spending quality time with her family immersed in nature, enjoying activities like swimming, fishing, camping, and exploring the beautiful countryside. Her adventurous spirit and commitment to holistic wellbeing resonate not only in her professional endeavors but also in her personal life, embodying a well-rounded approach to living.