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Graduate Story | Sabera Khalil

NZ Certificate in Business Introduction to Team Leadership – Level 3

I graduated from Aspire2 in 2022 with the NZ certificate in Business Level 3 Introduction to Team
Leadership. Online study was an obvious choice for me, as I work full-time and have small children to take care of. Online learning provided the flexibility I needed to manage work, family, and my studies effectively.

I chose Aspire2 Business Management Programmes as I heard about their online learning courses through word of mouth from my colleagues. The entire enrollment process was incredibly smooth and straightforward. The forms provided were clear and easy to follow, and the online setup streamlined everything, which made getting started a breeze.

Throughout my journey, I had an incredible experience with my tutors. Their support during the modules and assignments was invaluable. Whenever I had questions or concerns, they were quick to offer guidance and assistance. Their support played a significant role in helping me navigate through the course successfully.

The lack of set timetables gave me the freedom to choose how I spent my time, which was a huge benefit for me. I could study and work on my projects whenever and wherever I wanted, which allowed me to balance my responsibilities effectively and live my life the way I wanted to.

I was surprised by how many new skills I acquired in the course, and how well they translated to my work. As a project scheduler, effective communication is essential, and the course gave me the tools I needed to communicate effectively with teams and stakeholders across the business. This has had a significant impact on my job performance.

Graduating from Aspire2 has been a major accomplishment for me. It has increased my confidence in my role, and I am proud of the skills I have acquired. I use these skills regularly in my job, and the practical nature of the course has made me feel even more valuable in my position.

I would highly recommend the Aspire2 program to anyone looking for a rewarding learning experience. The program is well-designed and the content is relevant to the real world. I am grateful for the opportunity to have learned so much and to have grown as a professional.

I’d like to thank Aspire2 for providing me with such a practical and applicable learning experience. The flexibility of the program, the support of the tutors, and the relevance of the content made this journey worthwhile. I am excited to continue using the skills I gained from Aspire2 in my career, and I look forward to future opportunities for growth and success.