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Graduate Story | Matthew Tempest

NZ Diploma in Business Leadership and Management – Level 5

I am thrilled to share my success story after graduating with a diploma in Business Management Level 5 from Aspire2 last year, in 2022. My decision to study online was prompted by my workplace, which wanted to support my career growth by moving me into a management position. They believed that undertaking a business and management course would equip me to be an effective leader for my team, and I wholeheartedly agreed with their suggestion.

Choosing Aspire2 Business Management Programmes was an easy decision, as it came highly
recommended by my workplace. The flexibility of studying without set timetables was a game-changer for me. It allowed me to balance work and study efficiently. Aspire2 was incredibly accommodating, offering flexible extensions when needed, showing a genuine commitment to work with me and my schedule.

Throughout the program, I was pleasantly surprised by the number of new skills I acquired and was able to apply to my work. One notable skill was the ability to connect and engage with my peers in a more efficient way, enhancing teamwork and collaboration in the workplace.

The content and references provided by Aspire2 encouraged me to explore and study in my own way, allowing me to discover the most effective learning methods for myself.
Graduating from Aspire2 was a tremendous achievement for me, and it significantly boosted my
confidence in my study abilities. The experience has motivated me to pursue further education and I am currently exploring options for a bachelor’s degree to build upon the knowledge and skills I gained at Aspire2.

I can certainly recommend this program to anyone seeking study opportunities. In fact, I have already referred a colleague from work who is interested in undertaking a similar journey. I take pride in being able to help answer any questions they have, as I believe in the value and impact of the education I received.

My experience at Aspire2 has been transformative, and I am grateful for the support and flexibility that enabled me to excel in my studies while managing my professional commitments. As I continue my educational journey, I carry with me the confidence and skills acquired at Aspire2, propelling me towards a bright and successful future.