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Graduate Story | Michael Heard

NZ Certificate in Business (Introduction to Team Leadership) – Level 3


I graduated from the NZ Certificate in Business Level 3, Introduction to Team Leadership in 2021.
Choosing to study online was a no-brainer for me since I was already pursuing a bachelor’s degree and
wanted something practical and complementary in the field of leadership.

When I stumbled upon Aspire2 Business Management Programmes, I was instantly drawn to its
accessibility and simplicity. The ads I saw on social media made it easy for me to browse and access
information, and the fact that it was fees-free was a definite bonus.

Starting my studies was a smooth experience, thanks to the excellent support I received. The tutors
were always available and proactive in guiding and assisting me throughout my journey. Their genuine
interest in my progress was evident and made a huge difference.

The flexibility of the self-paced courses at Aspire2 was a game-changer for me. I spent most of my
days working on my bachelor’s degree, but the evenings were reserved for the Aspire2 certificate. This
flexibility allowed me to strike a perfect balance between the two courses.

I gained a plethora of new skills from the programme, particularly in leadership and interpersonal
communication. The tips and techniques I learned were highly applicable to my work, studies, and
personal life. It was incredible to witness how the knowledge seamlessly integrated into my daily

Completing my studies right through to graduation filled me with immense pride. I’ve always enjoyed
challenging myself and seizing every opportunity that comes my way. Aspire2 empowered me to
achieve my goals and provided me with a sense of accomplishment that fueled my eagerness to explore
new horizons

I enthusiastically endorse this programme to anyone seeking study opportunities. Aspire2 offers a
unique environment that allows you to engage with different skill sets and grow both personally and
professionally. The qualification you earn is just the cherry on top of the enriching experience Aspire2
provides. Don’t hesitate—take the plunge and embark on this rewarding journey.