Sonia Huang

Growing up in Taiwan, Yi-Ching (Sonia) learnt a lot from her grandparents.

The hardworking business owners taught her how businesses operate, and what it takes to be successful, instilling her with a curiosity and passion for the dynamic world of commerce. Several decades later – and 9,000 kilometres from home – Yi-Ching is now sharing her expertise with Level 4 and 5 business students at BMP.

After gaining an MBA from the State University of New York – Buffalo, she spent 11 years working at a national university in Taiwan, both as an administrative staff member for international affairs and as a tutor. Her natural flair for the classroom saw her instantly connect with, and inspire, her students.

“I just fell in love with tutoring. I love to interact with students from different backgrounds and I always learn something new from them.”

Since moving to New Zealand in 2017, Yi-Ching has continued her tutoring career, initially in Auckland and now here in New Plymouth. She encourages her students to make the most of all the opportunities that present themselves, not only in the classroom, but in all aspects of their lives.

“You’ll never know how much you’ll get out of something until you actually do it.”