Jenny Ewans

Diploma in Business (Leadership and Management)(Level 5) Graduate

What inspired you to gain your Level 5 Diploma in Business (Leadership & Management)?

I’d been working as the Administration Coordinator for a busy retirement village in New Plymouth for just over seven years and was feeling stagnant. I needed to feel like I was achieving something towards my personal development, so I signed up for the diploma programme. I’d already completed my Level 4 studies and wanted to undertake the next level of training in a flexible way that would work around my lifestyle. Shortly after enrolling, we moved to Maramarua for my husband’s job and I became a stay at home mum. It was great to have my business studies to keep my brain active! Six months later we moved back to Taranaki where I finished the course and started in my current role at Metro Performance Glass.

What did you gain from the course?

The Business Management Programme has helped me to view businesses from a management perspective, rather than from on the floor. I learned so many valuable things about the structure of businesses and ways that they can improve via Total Quality Management (TQM) systems. Halfway through my studies, Aspire2 changed portals to Canvas. Canvas is such an easy way to view modules and submit assignments, which meant I could focus on the work rather than trying to figure out the website. We also had a fantastic tutor who was so responsive to emails and helped me every step of the way.

What were some of the challenges?

Finding the time with a busy toddler at home was difficult, so some days I couldn’t do any study while others I would make time between naps and paw patrol! When I returned to work, I needed to study at night to keep on top of assignments, but it was always manageable and my tutor was fantastic when I needed an extension.

How have the skills you learnt helped enhance your career?

Now I’m the Branch Administrator at Metro Performance Glass. I’d nearly completed my qualification when I accepted the role and was able to include it on my CV as something that I was working towards. I view companies in a different and more strategic way then I did before. I look at waste minimisation and how kaizen can be used to make tasks more efficient.

What’s in store for the future?

My new job has been a steep learning curve, with a whole new industry and type of role, so I want to focus on that for a few months, then hopefully start a Health Science Diploma after the summer.