Sophie Aujla

First Line Management (Health) Level 4 Graduate

What Business Management Programmes did you study?

My chosen programme of study was the Business Management Health programme. I completed this part time over five months earlier in the year and am now working towards my Diploma in Business Management.

Why did you decide to study Business Management?

I desperately wanted to get back into study but because I was working full time it was difficult. My previous role at 2degrees Mobile was extremely demanding, and although I loved the job, I had to reluctantly put my studies on hold, which was really hard for me.

After moving into a business role at Vodafone I felt inspired to study business, but even doing night classes would have been a struggle to fit in. When I found out about this programme it not only fitted in really well with my schedule, but it also meant I could complete my studies faster than if I was attending physical classes.

What have you gained from your studies?

When I enrolled, I was really anxious to build my managerial skills and gain more experience to improve in my current role and future roles – but what I gained from studying here has actually changed my whole perspective on life.

I received so much support from my tutor Linda, who constantly gave me great feedback and was always there to assist me. She was extremely kind when I had an overwhelming workload and reassured me that I could do it. She helped me believe in myself.  In the past I have never had this kind of support from a teacher/lecturer, but Linda made sure I always understood the work and has supported me throughout my journey here.

Now I feel I have the skills to become a better manager. It has changed my perspective of business and I hope to start my own business once I’ve completed the rest of my education at Aspire2. The skills I’ve learnt here I will carry with me for life.

What were the highlights of studying at Aspire2?

Having the ability to start and finish work whenever I like and complete the qualification at my own pace has been a real highlight. I’ve also loved the group projects. Sometimes studying can feel not very relevant to life – but the group projects we did were interesting and fun to complete and actually applied to real life situations.

What were the challenges?

Some weeks were tough, especially those when I was doing a lot of overtime at work and was absolutely exhausted. At times I wondered if I would be able to meet the deadlines, but my tutor was very supportive, and she always responded promptly so I could complete the work in a timely manner. My partner, colleagues and friends also offered great support along the way.

Tell us about your current role at Vodafone New Zealand, and how your studies have helped you with it.

I am a Business Specialist at Vodafone New Zealand and I specialise in finding fixed and mobile solutions for SME and medium enterprise business customers within NZ. I was already working here when I started studying with Aspire.

The BMP programme has helped me gain confidence which was something I previously lacked. I feel I’m better equipped for my role now and can recognise how the business can grow and improve. I’ve also learnt how I can implement a great workplace for my own business in the future, which I’m really look forward to after completing my next qualification.

Where to from here?

At the moment, I would like to stay in my role as Business Specialist and later look for a team leader position within the company. After completing my Diploma and BA (hons) in Business, I would like to open my own piercing shop.

Would you recommend Aspire2’s Business Management Programme?

Absolutely! For I start I do not have a student debt to pay off unlike my peers!  Studying via distance learning means I can support myself, work around my busy work schedule, and complete my studies faster than if I was studying in a physical place. My learning style is different from many people I know, and this programme has worked really well for me. Having the modules, assignments and tutor available has made for a really great support system and enabled me to complete things as fast I can.  Aspire is truly a great organisation for people wanting to both work and study.